Greenman3610: Fighting for the climate through YouTube

For those who haven’t met him yet, allow me to introduce my favourite online communicator on climate change – Greenman3610. Here’s a great clip on the relationship between the media and science:

Clear, concise and coherent, with a touch of dry humour. This is what the climate movement needs more of.

30 years of writing and activism in the areas of energy and environment, including extended study with Al Gore and the worlds leading climate experts, in addition to skillful creation of audio visual presentations, have made greenman’s (aka Mr. Sinclair)  presentations on Climate change and alternative energy essential viewing.

Here’s another great video I found via greenman. Not specifically about climate change, but similar principles apply when communicating environmental issues:

You can vote for greenman3610 on Brighter Planet Project Fund, an initiative that rewards projects with $5000 grants to help fight climate change. If not for the great work he’s doing debunking the deniers and educating the indifferent, then at least vote for the enetertaining videos he creates:


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  1. Wow – Greenman’s vid clears up a few loose ends… Astrology=false. Who knew?
    Good job – this blog is good for people who don’t know too much about the debate I think.
    If you can trawl through the web/media and post the good stuff then you’re on…
    I think looks at how things are reported in the media too. Looks like there are a lot people out there who are tired of shonky journalism!


  2. Also – go to the ABC website – Media Watch on the 3rd of May did a story on climate change reporting and some dodgy dealings.


    • Thanks, I did manage to catch that. It’s good to see there are still people keeping the media accountable – that blog you recommended ( was fantastic.
      Ian Plimer never ceases to astound me. I hope to do a post on him in the near future, but until then there are two websites I always refer people to when they attempt to use Mr. Plimer as a credible source: (where if you ever feel the need, you can download a 46-page critique of his bestselling book. For the record I have read the book, and it reads a lot like Mein Kampf in my view. It’s also interesting to note he is a director of three Australian mining companies, from which he earns a substantial income). (a good range of scientists commenting on his work).


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